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COVID-19 pandemic has made life harder for vulnerable individuals and families. With the grant from Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), our goals are to vaccinate and educate our local community.


On Friday November 11th, BPSOS and our partners Giant Pharmacy will conduct a COVID-19 vaccine clinic at our office. We will provide the newly approved bivalent vaccine, which is effective against both COVID-19 original strain and its variants.

We encourage eligible individuals to get vaccinated and contact us to schedule your appointments on that day. Walk-in are welcomed, but we prioritize those with appointments! Additionally, we will have free food for anyone who comes. For any other questions or concerns, please contact us at (703) 538-2190 from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 7PM for more details. 


Last month, BPSOS and Safeway Pharmacy collaborated to host a flu and COVID-19 bivalent vaccination clinic on October 7th at Eden Center. Our staff assisted clients with scheduling vaccine appointments at their local pharmacies and with the help of our longtime partner, AACC; we were able to vaccinate 43 people as a result.  We also had 4 radio talk shows updating listeners on COVID-19 news and encouraging people to contact us to set up vaccination appointments. 

On 10/22/2022, BPSOS also attended an international festival at James Lee community Center to represent area service. We were able to converse with the individuals who came from a variety of diverse communities and we were able to educate them on COVID-19 news, especially with the news of bivalent vaccine. 

According to CDC and FDA, the FDA authorized bivalent formulations of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines for use as a single booster dose at least two months after completing primary or booster vaccination. The Moderna COVID-19 bivalent vaccine is authorized for use as single booster dose in individuals 6 years of age and older. The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 bivalent vaccine is authorized for use as a single booster dose in individuals 5 years of age and older. 

since September 2021

Kid Getting Vaccinated


and boosted

Mother with her Child


families received free at-home COVID test kits

Elbow Greetings


vaccine clinics
and test kit giveaway events.

Eden Center Vaccine Clinic: Getting People Vaccinated by Removing Language and Cultural Barriers!

Collaboration between community partners, Boat People SOS (BPSOS), ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia (ECNV),Giant Pharmacy, and the Fairfax County Health Department led to a successful COVID-19 vaccine clinic. 


BPSOS would like to sincerely give our thank to these organizations for helping us with our COVID-19 Awareness program: Fairfax County, Asian-American Community Center, MedsPack, Officer Steven Nguyen from Washington D.C. Police Department, and:

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